Hulett Harper Stewart LLP’s antitrust practice focuses on the representation of businesses and individuals which have been victimized by price-fixing, illegal or unfair business practices or other anticompetitive conduct. Various federal and state laws are designed to promote full and fair competition among businesses and to assure that business, consumers and the economy at large benefit from a marketplace which is free from anticompetitive practices. Many of these laws allow for the recovery of actual and treble damages, attorneys fees and costs and injunctions prohibiting future anticompetitive conduct. Hulett Harper Stewart has successfully represented businesses and consumers in antitrust and unfair trade practice actions in a wide┬ávariety of industries. Recent antitrust cases include:

  • The successful prosecution and settlement of a monopolization and business tort action on behalf of two small businesses in the ammunition industry.
  • A leading role in a national price-fixing class action which secured over $67 million dollars in actual and proposed settlements on behalf of businesses which purchased carbon fiber and carbon fiber pre-preg.
  • Prosecution of antitrust and related causes of action on behalf of national classes of consumers who paid allegedly hidden and fixed currency conversion fees, which has resulted in proposed settlements totaling $336 million.
  • A leading role in the prosecution of a class action on behalf of merchants challenging Visa and MasterCard’s interchange fees and related fees and practices.
  • Prosecution of a class action on behalf of consumers who rented cars from the major car rental companies at California airports.
  • Assistance in the prosecution to successful settlement of antitrust cases in the airline, DRAM and urathane industries.